A close up of C++ code on a blue IDE.

Although it might seem like a blank canvas to create streamlined systems, software development has its own set of rules and regulations that ensure a smooth path toward success. While the techniques and strategies to follow may vary to some degree, depending on the project type and the time and budget constraints, some general rules have to be followed to produce the best possible results.

Here are some of the best practices that every developer should be aware of and follow in their projects:

Proper Requirement Management

Requirement documents will help you assess WHAT must be developed, and not HOW it has to be developed. The more in-depth the software requirement documents are, the easier it is to create a project while ensuring that the end-product is entirely in line with the client’s requirements.

While requirements will not increase over time, your understanding of them may change sporadically, helping you create a better product overall. Documents such as SRS and SDS must be made, with a clear line of communication with the client to establish transparency.

In-depth Testing

Testing is often the most neglected aspect of programming as it can be very tedious, but it’s essential to ensure an error-free system. While avoiding exhaustive testing that leads to exponential test cases, test-driven development should be focused.

It involves breaking down the provided requirements into test cases while coding to figure out problems during the development process and testing them back and forth. This methodology can help extensively in the code refactoring phase.

Code Simplicity

Writing complex code is not an achievement and can hamper the software development process. Rather than writing spaghetti code, the main focus should be on using the easiest solution that provides accurate results. Statements such as goto are appropriate when breaking out of nested loops, but excessive usage can make the code difficult to read and maintain as iterative development takes place.

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