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For a business such as a veterinary practice, a website isn’t just a portal for potential users and customers to access your products or services, but a representation of your business. A poorly made website might even turn away potential customers by painting the wrong picture. If your website suffers from any of the following, make sure to get them fixed right away.

Slow Loading Times

If your website is taking too long to even load for the first time, expect a high bounce rate. It gives a very poor impression on the user, is commonly the result of bad optimization and programming on the developer’s end. The typical user will stick around for a few seconds before they look elsewhere. To fix this, you might be required to make drastic changes to the website or, in the worst case, a complete overhaul from the ground up. If a vet practice takes too long to respond, the client might consider changing to a different service altogether.

Too Much Text

People are highly likely to leave right away if your website is simply a wall of text. Excess of information can be overwhelming, which can lead to a very high bounce rate. Ideally, a user wants to find the relevant item they are looking for in a few swipes. By proper segmentation of text, adding sections to differentiate portions and putting up images rather than descriptions to explain something, the website can be made much more accessible. For a health-related service like a veterinarian, it’s important that their message is concise without missing details.

Poor Mobile Optimization

A common mistake made by developers is neglecting the mobile version of an existing website optimized for use on PC. As mobile users have increased significantly compared to desktop, there’s a great chance that your website might be viewed on a smartphone or a tablet. It’s important to create a scalable website that can fit on different screens without any information being lost, maintaining usability with the contents being easy to read and interact with.

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