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This world has become a new normal with COVID restrictions and lockdowns. We all know that the impact COVID-19 has created is here to stay, that’s why investing in businesses that are thriving in this situation can be extremely profitable.

Let’s have a look at those app categories that are poised to be impactful, successful, and profitable in the post-COVID world.

1.      Educational Apps

Millions of students haven’t set their foot in the classroom this year due to COVID-19. However, this situation paved a great way for the digitalization of education. COVID-19 has tremendously emphasized on the importance of taking education online.

Education applications like Class Dojo and Google Classroom saw a growth of 580% and 565%, respectively. This contributed to making Google Classroom the #4 most downloaded non-gaming app in March 2020. These statistics show that the surge in demand for educational applications is loud and evident.

2.      Finance Apps

Another app category that has seen a tremendous surge in demand is finance. In the US, time spend on finance apps increased by 55% in 2020. The economic uncertainty and COVID restrictions coupled with the inability of people to visit banks, which led to more and more use of finance apps.

3.      Fitness Apps

Yes, we know gyms are going to be off-limits for a little longer now. Parks and your running tracks aren’t also safe and yet, fitness can’t wait. Due to the pandemic, people have realized the importance of fitness and that a strong immunity is the best way to fight the virus.

This realization has made fitness apps to be downloaded almost 5 million times in just a week.

4.      Learning Apps

We’re not talking about curriculum-based apps. With the major fall in socializing, people turned toward learning new skills on their phones. Whether it’s a language learning app like DuoLingo to diversified courses applications like Udemy, they all saw a rise in demand all over the world. Udemy saw a rise in 425% enrolments and DuoLingo saw an increase of 101% in overall use.

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To sum it up, users are getting more involved in apps day by day. From managing their health and wealth to learning new skills, consumers are looking to get as much done as possible on their smartphone. So now’s a great time to invest in your innovative ideas and bring them to life.

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