Person adding cloud solutions on website

Websites empower brands to reach billions of internet users around the world, boosting sales. However, with over 1.8 billion websites on the Internet, it’s getting increasingly difficult for businesses to retain existing audiences and reach new ones in different markets and regions. Here are five features that entrepreneurs and influencers should add to their website to garner more visitors and conversions.

Intuitive User Experience

The user experience of a website can make or break your brand’s online impression on your visitors. A responsive web design will welcome online visitors and influence them to stay on your website for longer. A report showed that 94% of people don’t trust a website with poor web designs. An intuitive navigation system will enable site visitors to enjoy the “browsing experience,” leading to longer impressions and more conversions. Our skilled web designers can create an intuitive user experience that is suitable for your brand.

Descriptions & Visuals

One of the best ways to improve the browsing experience is to add textual and visual descriptions of your offerings. In a survey, 91% of site visitors said they find descriptions and images impactful when browsing a website. However, business owners need to ensure that the descriptions provided aren’t overwhelming to people. Brands like Apple and Nike provide useful information on their websites simply and concisely with stunning images and captivating descriptions.


Live Chat Customer Service

The digital era has resulted in seamless online communications between brands and customers. Site visitors want responses to their queries as soon as possible. A survey by Drift showed that being unable to answer a query can decrease your chances of getting a new lead by ten times. Live chat is an untapped feature that can revolutionize the customer experience by answering queries within seconds when even your customer service staff is offsite. Another study showed that 63% of visitors are more likely to revisit a website that offers a live chat feature. Innovative cloud solutions can combine AI and communication to ad live bots on websites.


SEO Content and Strategy

Long-form written content on your website can help customers understand your business offerings in detail. In a survey, half of the respondents believe that company blogs are useful to them. A report showed that organic search brings in 53.5% of organic search and therefore creating SEO content is a great way of reaching new audiences without additional advertising costs.


E-Commerce and Secure Online Payment

E-commerce is, without a doubt, the future of business. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are tapping into the vast market of internet users to generate more revenue. Furthermore, consumers’ trust in FinTech has enabled many of them to purchase products and services with e-payment options. Websites that have a simple and streamlined online payment method create better conversions. We offer industry-standard payment processing solutions for brick-and-mortar stores and websites.


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