The Cloud Will Save Our Data


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! This is part two of a blog series on how cloud servers are going to allow our society to continue to expand the internet of things. If you have not read the previous post, we highly suggest that you do. However, if you feel that you already have a firm grasp on just what the internet of things is, then we welcome you to jump right into this article. At Galalee Software Solutions, we are invested in the cloud hosting industry. Not only is it what we do, but we feel, within our heart of hearts, that cloud hosting services are where the majority of all server data is going to be saved in the cloud. While we understand that some data will always need to be stored on physical servers, the vast amount of data that is going to be produced in the next decade will not be of a secure nature. With this in mind, how are we, as a society going to accomplish this task? We are so glad you asked.


cloud-hosting-2-picBackend Services are Going to Become The Standard


A popular saying among the tech crowd is that, eventually, every company is going to become a software company. While this might sound hyperbolic, if you think about it for a second it actually makes sense. As an increasing number of companies produce products that connect to the internet they are going to have to make a choice. Are they going to outsource all of their IT support and storage services, or are they going to start developing in-house solutions to these issues? While we feel that most companies will choose to outsource this particular task, there will be certain companies that will choose to deploy their own back-end services. With this implementation comes a slew of important questions:


  • How will the customers access the service?
  • Will there be native app support?
  • What operating system will the application be accessible through?
  • What security measures will be in place to protect customer’s data?


While these questions are important to consider, it is even more important for a company to consider exactly how they are going to support their devices once they are distributed. Determining how to safely and efficiently deliver firmware upgrades to IoT devices is pivotal to the IoT field because of its rapid evolution. What is cutting edge one day is obsolete the next and companies must be aware of this culture of development. If a company chooses to outsource their cloud server needs, the following also needs to be considered:


  • Will the service have support for cloud protocols?
  • Will the service provide support for secure firmware upgrades?
  • What will the pricing and storage restrictions be on the service?
  • Who will handle the web and/or mobile application development?


Only after finding a service that fits the exact needs they have should a company choose a cloud hosting service. The internet of things is becoming too big and too important to make a snap decision on a company that will not be able to scale appropriately.


We here at Galalee hope that this blog series has been both entertaining and educational. Cloud based servers are going to become increasingly important as the internet of things continues to grow, and we are here to offer our services to those in need of fast, reliable, and secure cloud based hosting services. Our cloud application hosting and virtual desktop services put the power of servers into your hands and allow you to access your vital information at your own convenience. Visit our website today to learn more about our cloud server solutions.