The Cloud is Becoming Increasingly Important


If you have read any of our previous blog posts, you are probably well aware that we here at Galalee Software Solutions are all about the cloud. Our cloud hosting solutions allow you and your business to safely store, access, and share vital information across a multitude of platforms in a fast, convenient way. When many people hear about the cloud, they often wonder what people use it for. For the average person, the cloud is probably used mostly as a virtual hard drive. They’ll sync up documents, videos, photos, and anything else that they either want to be able to access remotely or don’t have enough room on their computer to store. However, cloud hosting can be used for many things other than just storing your favorite cat video. In today’s post, we are going to go over a few of real world applications that cloud hosting and storage provide to businesses across the world. Continue reading below to learn more.


cloud-picCloud Hosting Helps Businesses Achieve Goals


Cloud computing has increasingly been attributed to an increase in competitiveness in businesses through the reduction of storage cost, increased flexibility, and better resource utilization. Below are a few areas where cloud computing is used to help a business better achieve their goals.



  • Test and Development: Although not known to the average cloud user, the cloud is the perfect environment to test and develop an idea. Before cloud computing, it was necessary to secure funding, set up a physical testing environment, and find people to help you do the testing. With cloud computing, a plethora of virtual resources, simulations, models, and scenarios are readily available to test a viable idea. Not only does this save an unbelievable amount of time and money, but it also allows people to better collaborate when trying to test and develop a certain idea.
  • Data Analysis: This one is important. Big data analysis is a huge part of many companies. Through the analysis of big data, a wide range of businesses are able to gain valuable insights on spending patterns, consumer needs, and market fluctuations. Retailers and suppliers have already started to utilize the cloud in their efforts to analyze vast amounts of consumer data in order to better target their advertising and marketing campaigns to specific areas of the population. Cloud computing allows these retailers to tap into vast amounts of structured and unstructured data gathered from multiple analytical and social sources.
  • Backup: Perhaps one of the most convenient things that cloud hosting services have allowed business to accomplish is the remote and secure storage of valuable information. With cloud hosted backups, a business never has to worry that their date will be lost due to some unforeseen disaster such as an earthquake or fire. While cloud backup services are not perfect, they are a far cry better than relying on physical servers alone to keep vital date secure.



Cloud hosting, when you think about it compared to the rest of the internet, is just now in its toddler phase. Here at Galalee Software Solutions, we, and other companies like us, are striving to make cloud hosting and web server services as advanced and reliable as possible. Join us today and see how Galalee can help your business grow.