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There were about 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020, which requires front-end developers to use the best practices for mobile app development. Let’s look at some of these best practices.

1.      Use an Effective CSS Framework

Having the right tools on hand can make the entire front-end development process faster and smoother. Rather than creating a framework from scratch, make use of already-existing frameworks that you can customize.

JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, Backbone, and others help with custom software development. With these, you can incorporate your requirements into the framework rather than spending too much time on the basics.

2.      Structure the JS Code for Quicker Development

Working with JS code requires skills. If you’re not smart about it, you’ll find your framework to be all over the place. Instead of running a messy code, structure it out. Many front-end developers don’t consider this while working.

When you structure your code, you are better able to streamline your work effectively. You get to distinguish between your files and external files coming in, leading to faster development. Use three folders for your work: vendors, scripts, and plug-ins.

Collaborate With the Design Team for Enhanced UI/UX

When creating a front-end platform, you’ll be actively working with a design team as well. However, most of the time, front-end developers overlook the importance of communicating with their design team. This leads to inconsistency in the UI and UX designs.

You need to understand the importance of design for your development process. Effectively collaborating with the design team allows you to create a user-friendly and appealing platform.

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Choose Typography That Adds Balance to Your Platform

Visually appealing platforms have excellent typography in place. Therefore, front-end developers spend a lot of time finding the ideal typography for the platform.

You can also opt to outsource your website development services for this purpose.

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