cloud hosting port orchardCloud hosting services offer incredible secure systems that experience very little–if any–downtime for the users. For almost any business, server downtime can be expensive:

  • Loss of productivity. If the server is down, your team can’t get their work done. That means a huge loss of productivity and a team that’s left with very little to do. You’ll be paying your team to wait.
  • Damage to your reputation. If a customer or client is trying to access your website or get information from an employee over the phone and can’t because your server is down, it’s going to affect how they view your company–and not in a positive way.
  • Loss of sales. Most companies use their server to process their sales, including credit card sales. If the server is down and you can’t process those sales, you’ll have to hope those customers still want to buy when the system is back up. Chances are they won’t all be still willing to make that purchase.

Our cloud hosting service offers redundancy, which means that even if a part of our server goes down, we have systems in place that can take over for it and keep your system running. That makes cloud hosting an incredibly reliable system that experiences little to no downtime.

If you’ve been experiencing the pains of server downtime, let us help. Learn more about our Port Orchard cloud hosting services by contacting our team today either over the phone or through our website. We’ll show you how cloud hosting can revolutionize your business!