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Rapid technological advancement is changing the face of veterinary practice management. Since veterinary practices have to manage both clients and their pets, they need practice management software that improves diagnostic potential, patient communication, and operational efficiencies.

Integrated PM software can unite the business and clinical side of your vet practice while efficiently reporting your finances—serving as a one-stop-solution for your needs.

Additionally, adopting technology in your practice makes it easier to track unproductive hours, low revenues, and high expenses. In fact, practice management solutions play an essential role in your progress, be it to plan for retirement, leverage opportunities to expand or work with new partners.

Let’s look at some ways you can use vet practice management software to increase clinic efficiency:

Improve Vet And Pet Parent Communication

You can use veterinary practice management software to send periodic reminders for grooming appointments, seasonal parasite control, and vaccinations. This helps you avail opportunities for re-visits and improve patient engagement.

Keeping close contact with clients also allows you to monitor symptomatic changes in patients and determine if treatment is necessary. These reminders build client trust, ensure the pets’ wellbeing, and, thus, generate a steady revenue stream.

The data can also be used to send seasonal care packages like discount offers, preventive care products, nutraceuticals, etc. Managing webinars via your PM solution also helps you maximize revenue potential.

Eliminate Bottlenecks And Track Practice Performance

Integrating charting, billing, blood work, testing, patient reminders, and scheduling into a single platform saves time and costs.

With so much information being relayed from staff to veterinarians to clients and back again, it’s easy to lose track and end up with communication bottlenecks. A practice management solution, like Global Vet™, can eliminate the back and forth by providing all the necessary information at a glance. Automating the communication process enhances efficiency, minimizes labor time, and allows you to focus on what’s important: quality patient care.

Establish Protocols To Refine Your Practice’s Standards

By assessing the time it takes for veterinarians to dictate treatments, tests, and medications for each case, you can establish SOPs in your practice management software for maximum consistency and efficient daily workflow.

These protocols and groupings also facilitate compliance with the best treatment care plans and improve fee structure. Here’s how:

  • Before the appointment: Your receptionist provides all the information regarding possible treatment and testing plans to the client before they come in.
  • During the appointment: With all the pet patient’s medical history in one place, veterinarians can easily recommend and perform testing based on the medical protocols your practice has adopted.
  • After the exam: The technicians can prepare an estimate of the treatment plan the client has adopted without seeking instructions from the vet.

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