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Information technology has made the necessary leap to the cloud. With access to increased collaboration tools, core business applications, and analytics, businesses are quickly switching to cloud computing business models.

Virtual desktops are one of the cloud solutions that have grown exponentially in popularity in recent years, primarily due to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in organizations. Reports show that nearly 87% of organizations rely on their employees to use personal devices in the workplace.

Before we discuss the benefits of virtual desktop hosting solutions, let’s go over the basics:

What Is Virtual Desktop Hosting?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is technology that enables you to create virtual desktops in the cloud environment via virtual machines (VM). The personalized virtual desktops are stored on a central server and can be accessed by authorized employees remotely. As a result, employees have constant virtual access to their workspace, irrespective of the device they’re using.

The experience of desktop virtualization is the same as if the desktop was installed on a physical computer; however, all processes are carried out remotely with the added advantage of data security.

More and more businesses are expected to adopt VDI by 2023 to support their business growth plans. In this blog post, we’ll highlight how businesses can benefit from the implementation and maintenance of virtual desktop solutions.

High Scalability And Workplace Flexibility

With the adoption of VDI, your team is no longer chained to their devices; they can access their virtually hosted desktops on the go, and even on internet-enabled borrowed devices. The result is increased flexibility to adapt to the surge and drop in work volumes.

Easy access to these virtual desktops ultimately leads to increased productivity and performance.

Plus, cloud-based VDI allows organizations to increase the required number of desktops to meet the needs of new team members wherever they’re located.

High-Level Data Security

2019 was the year of major state-level breaches, attacking industry giants and leaving millions at risk. Switching to VDI can help you prevent data breaches because virtual desktop platforms are built with cloud security in mind, providing multiple layers of built-in security to its users.

Virtual desktop hosting solutions use advanced security methods, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, Prevention System (IDS & IPS), Intrusion Detection, etc. Moreover, storing sensitive business data on the cloud minimizes the risk of sudden failure of hard drives, physical damage to the equipment, and unexpected power outages.

Reduced Costs

Having a centralized, remotely accessible infrastructure reduces upfront costs.

For one, the hardware requirements of the employees working on virtual desktops are significantly reduced. Plus, the support staff can easily solve incidents virtually, and software updates can be implemented centrally, without having to install it individually on every device.

Needless to say, virtual desktops offer a significant return on investment.

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