employee works remotely via virtual desktop

At its inception, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology enabled users to gain access to their desktops remotely using end-point devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The VDI setup was initially on-premises, and companies were responsible for taking care of the upgrade and maintenance of the infrastructure.

With the rise of cloud computing, VDI made the necessary leap to the cloud. The cloud-based virtual desktops then exploded over the years due to the adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in enterprises and organizations.

How Businesses Benefit From Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

VDI enables users to create virtual desktops in the cloud environment using virtual machines (VM). These personalized virtual desktops can be accessed remotely by authorized employees and are stored on a central server. This means that employees have constant access to their workspace irrespective of their location and the device they’re using.

As more and more companies adopt VDI to support their business growth plans, reports show that the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Market is estimated to cross USD 30 Billion by 2026.

With the adoption of VDI, employees are no longer chained to their devices. This results in increased flexibility, allowing the team to adapt to the surge and drop in work volume.

VDI also helps prevent the looming threat of data breaches as virtual desktops are built using the multi-layered network architecture that cloud computing has to offer.

Additionally, having a centralized remotely-accessible infrastructure reduces the upfront costs of hardware requirements.

VID Facilitates a Dispersed Workforce

Employee preference has significantly shifted toward remote working over the years and has now become a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, experts believe that remote working might be the new normal after the pandemic.

Employees who work remotely report increased productivity and focus, better work-life balance, and a reduction in stress levels. As a result, flexible work environments have made their way to the top of the preferred benefits list.

Desktop virtualization and VDI management, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities emerge as a logical solution to this requirement.

Renewed Focus on Core Business Processes

Keeping up with IT management leaves little to no time for innovation, thus hindering an organization’s growth. In fact, surveys show that three out of four executives report that the amount of money, time, and resources spent on ongoing IT maintenance versus new initiatives affect the organizations’ overall competitiveness.

Desktop Virtualizations gives enterprises the ability to streamline their time-consuming IT tasks by adopting cloud-based VDI solutions. This frees up teams to allow more in-house time and resources dedicated to business-driving initiatives.

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