computer2In spite of the fact that cloud hosting has become a near necessity in the business world, there are still several facets of it that remain mysterious. The fact that so many people still don’t have an effective understanding of how cloud hosting works means that certain myths about cloud systems remain prevalent throughout the industry, causing business owners to think twice about implementation. We are here to put some of those myths to rest for good.

Point of No Return

One of the most prevalent myths about cloud hosting is that if you do implement it, you can’t ever get out. Naturally, if that were the case, it would be an excellent reason for businesses to pause before considering cloud-based servers. It is true that in the early days of cloud hosting there was some difficulty with making the switch back to on-site systems, but new advancements in technology have increased the ease of data migration between remote and on-site servers.

Unlimited Resources

We understand that the cloud can sometimes seem like an all-powerful tool capable of handling just about anything we throw at it. But while it is an extremely valuable tool, it does still have some limits. Just as other types of computing systems do, cloud servers still have a limited amount of processing power and memory. If you pull too much from those limited sources, it can have a negative impact on performance.

On-site Security is Better

This is one of the most prevalent myths about cloud hosting. Many people still believe that on-site systems are far safer than remote cloud systems. But the most important factor in maintaining security is less dependent on the location of the data; what matters more is how access is granted to data and how it is managed. It is harmful to think of security of a once-and-done event; in reality, security is a process. If you do not update and adjust your security protocols accordingly, it makes little difference where your data is stored.

Letting myths about the cloud factor into your business plan can be counterproductive to your goals. Take time to investigate all of your options. After all, knowledge is ultimately your most powerful tool, and when you are ready to integrate cloud hosting into your business’ IT infrastructure, contact Galalee Software Solutions. We are proud to offer our expertise and get your business moving in the direction that you choose.