Cloud-based computing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Businesses and corporations are quickly learning the value of having a dedicated, fast, and secure server. But cloud hosting isn’t just revolutionizing the way we do business; it is also causing waves in the scientific community as well, benefiting research projects and furthering knowledge in ways that would have seemed impossible only a few short years ago.

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One of the most interesting research projects that cloud-based computing is assisting with is the mapping and decoding of brain waves. The applications for this kind of technology seem to leap right out of science fiction. For instance, it may be possible for scientists to one day “hear” the mental speech of a person who is unable to physically speak. People who have suffered from strokes or other conditions that limit their speech mechanisms would still be able to communicate with doctors and loved ones, providing that much needed social link so often needed in such cases.

Other potential applications center around the ability to use the mind to control objects or software. Imagine being able to sit at your computer and having it respond to a thought command. Because our brains work at such a fast pace, tasks that normally took a couple hours could easily be pared down to a few minutes. If this technology is perfected it could also mean a new horizon for the use of prosthesis. What if a prosthetic arm could be synced with the brain? It would be possible in the future for amputees to regain almost natural movement in the prostheses that utilize their own, natural brain waves.

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Potentially life-changing technologies are being made possible every day by cloud-based computing systems. The amount of data generated by these projects can be immense, and the time and effort it would take for scientists and researchers to filter through and find relevant data would have put these projects on an extended timeline. But thanks to the cloud, there is now a faster and more reliable way for researchers to crunch the numbers.

If the cloud can assist scientists in mapping the brain, what can it do for you? If you are ready to take your business’ IT infrastructure to the next level, contact Galalee Software Solutions. We can help you streamline and modernize your business and keep you moving forward.