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TAPS is a simple and easy-to-use software time clock and payroll software that can be installed locally on a Windows computer or on the Cloud. TAPS can easily track breaks, lunches, missed punches, time-off, and see all employees currently working. Employees can track the current hours they have worked for the day to a period of time. Managers can see all the employees clocked in for the day to manage breaks/lunches and make sure employees are not missing their punches.

Simple and intuitive design layout for easily clocking in and out during your shift. Whether your role is an employee or manager, there is a consistent design interface that is easy to pick up from the first time using TAPS.

Track employees hours with confidence and simplify the payroll reporting process. Easily stay in the know on the hours worked by employee and track any potential overtime. No need to chase down employees for missing or incomplete punches and managers can easily approve missing punches entered by employees.

Managers can quickly and easily view, print, and approve the payroll for the current pay period set. Then save time and money by easily sending the approved payroll reports to your payroll provider via email.

Whether you want TAPS installed on your Windows computer or server at your office or for the on-the-go business wanting a cloud based solution. TAPS is the time clock and payroll solution for you.

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