a shot of a stethoscope lying next to a laptop suggesting that cloud solutions help medical professionals

More businesses are opting for cloud solutions than ever before—cloud adoption figures for 2020 reveal that 94% of enterprises already use the cloud in some way.

Among the many cloud server solutions, virtual desktops have taken off in the past few years, thanks to technological advancements and improved connectivity. Virtual desktops allow authorized users to access their information and applications remotely, so they can get their work done anywhere and from any device.

The technology is particularly useful for healthcare practices where doctors need real-time patient data—whether they’re moving from room to room within hospital premises or delivering services in patients’ homes.

Here’s a closer look at how virtual desktops can help medical providers increase efficiency at their practice.

1. Increased Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance needs within the healthcare sector are very high. Sensitive patient data and personal information should be secured adequately and yet accessible to authorized personnel.

Since virtual desktops operate in the cloud, the information isn’t stored on any device. In the event of a malfunction, theft, or cyberattack on the physical device, the information is protected and easily recoverable on the cloud.

Additionally, cloud server solutions are often much more secure than devices and offer several layers of security against data breaches.

2. Reduced Costs

With a remotely-accessible, centralized infrastructure, you no longer have to maintain on-premise hardware and IT infrastructure. Healthcare administrators can do away with the costs of running and maintaining dedicated servers on-location. Any updates and new applications can be implemented remotely without having to access each device separately.

And the best part: your staff now has 24/7 access to top-quality IT support staff that can be contacted remotely.

3. Enhanced Productivity

With individual workspaces being on hand at all times, your doctors, nurses, and administrators can maintain their rhythm of work without disruptions. Even within hospital premises, it’s easier for staff to quickly access patient information, medical history, and prescription information on one device.

Not only can you enhance productivity but also delight patients with better customer service.

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