laptop and phone


laptop and phoneAny software development project starts with this question: web application or a desktop application. There are pros and cons to each and the type of application you opt for depends largely on your preference.

However, before you opt for one, you should consider each option in detail and the impact it will have on your business. This blog post will serve as a detailed comparison between web application and desktop application, and we hope it can help you choose the best one for yourself. Let’s begin.

Desktop Application

As the name suggests, it’s an application that you install on your personal computer. Once you install it, it’ll take up space in your hard drive.Some examples of a desktop application include,Microsoft Office, Paint, Photoshop and media players. While some desktop apps can function offline, others, such as Chrome and Firefox need the internet to function effectively.


On the other hand, a web application will run only from a browser. Since the files aren’t located on the computer, you’ll have to access them from a remote server. You can do this using a web browser as it allows you to access the content and all the corresponding features.

Even without realizing it, you’re using web apps every day. Google Docs, emails, messengers etc. are just some of the web apps you have access to. Thanks to technology, web apps are becoming more sophisticated, thus contributing to a better user experience.

A Comparison

  • You can access web applications from just about anywhere. The only thing you need is the internet. However, with a desktop application, you’ll need a PC, so this makes access more restricted.
  • Since web applications have been designed to allow for greater accessibility, they pose a greater security risk. On the other hand, desktop applications allow for more security and control.
  • Web applications require a strong internet connection to function effectively. Desktop applications don’t.

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