Website open on a laptop

Website open on a laptop

Responsive web design, if done right, can leverage your SEO results, lower bounce rates, and increase customer acquisition and retention. More than half of the world’s web traffic comes from cell phones. Therefore, it’s vital for web design and development services to design mobile-friendly websites. Here are some web design tips that can ensure online success.

Simple Menus

Menu bars don’t have to be on the top right or left corner of the webpage. You can try different transitions like scroll or slide to add variation to your webpage. You can also try asymmetric layouts that can make your menu design more intuitive and innovative.

Streamlining your Data Entry

Filling forms on a tiny phone screen isn’t something that most people enjoy. Therefore, you can use options like voice-activated inputs, auto-fill, and other such methods to combat bounce rates.

Call-to-Action Takes Center Stage

Most websites pay attention to brand promotion and aesthetics, and they forget about the call-to-action button. If you want more conversions and more sales, you must design efficient and attention-grabbing CTAs so that they’re prominent in the sea of content.

A smartphone with a website open

Quick Loading Pages

Quick loading must be a priority for SEO purposes. If your webpage loads within three seconds, you can maintain the user’s interest. This is also recommended by Google as loading time is one of the factors of optimizing your site for web pages. To do that, website and SEO service providers must compress images, optimize CSS delivery, reduce page weight, and avoid redirecting the landing page.

Use white space

The minimalist aesthetic gained traction last year, but it’s so effective that it’s not going anywhere for a while. Research shows that almost 90% of the visitors will leave your website if your web design isn’t attractive. Therefore, it’s vital to aesthetically use white space to render a stylish and sleek look for your overall web design. Pair the white spaces with geometric shapes, contrasting colors, rotating illustrations, floating elements, hand-drawn illustrations, and other creative aspects.

As a web developer, you should stay abreast of the latest web design trends so that you can continually improve your website’s responsive design and make room for new styles and elements.

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