eco-friendlyBusinesses today are making more of a concerted effort to be more eco-friendly. They are trying to cut down their carbon footprint not only in an effort to build their reputation up with the public but also because many eco-friendly practices are better for their bottom line. While it may be one of the lesser-known ways to go green with your business, our cloud hosting service in Port Orchard is actually incredibly eco-friendly as well as friendly to your budget.

Part of the reason it’s better for the environment is because of consolidation. With cloud computer, many businesses are utilizing the space of one giant server. Instead of requiring energy to power multiple servers in multiple locations, it’s all done in one place. Plus, companies are able to use the resources they need instead of being forced to plan ahead and power additional server space they may not need yet. Some of the biggest energy consumption for an IT department isn’t the computers themselves, it’s the climate control for the server space. Having it all in one space for multiple companies is much more efficient, uses less energy, and takes up a smaller carbon footprint.

A Forbes article from 2011 reported that one study estimate that by the year 2020 “large US companies that use cloud computing can achieve annual energy savings of $12.3 billion and annual carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil.” That’s a lot of energy savings, making it not only easier on a company’s bottom line to run their IT department but easier on the environment as well. Interested in learning how you can implement this eco-friendly solution for your company? Call us today.