A laptop displays cloud-server access

A laptop displays cloud-server access

A cloud-based server refers to the continuous availability of business processes, primarily data storage and accessibility, with zero downtime for the organizations.

Useful Fact: These cloud solutions engaged the world economy, global businesses, and remote organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers speculate their growth to increase in 2021 due to their increased scalability, cost efficiency, and improved security.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of cloud solutions.

The Unprecedented Growth in Global Public Cloud Infrastructure Market

The past market research trends have indicated an annual growth of 23.5% in the cloud services industry from 2014 to 2017. However, researchers expect the CAGR to increase to 35% by 2021.

This is one of the outcomes of the pandemic, as many businesses worldwide have shifted to cloud solutions to access and manage their tasks. More than 90% of American companies have acquired cloud solutions with the increasing demand.

Additionally, America is one the biggest regional spender on IT solutions. Due to this, the IT industry revenue accounts for $305 billion.

A woman uses a laptop on her company premises

The Significant Cost Savings with Cloud Solutions

If your company is worried about the installation cost of cloud-based services, you’re not alone. More than 20% of business enterprises think about the initial cost of implementation. But if you weigh the cost and benefits of a cloud-based server, you’ll find it worth investing in!

Cloud-based servers offer subscription-based services, which means you get what you pay for. You pay according to your additional storage needs or value-added features. This helps businesses save high operational costs in the long run.

Moreover, it’s one reason behind the sharp increase in companies shifting to cloud-based servers.

Improved Security of Businesses with Cloud Solutions

To date, about 43% of cyber attacks focus on small businesses. Therefore, it’s essential to enhance your business security to prevent significant losses. Whether your business is increasing in size or expanding its network, security is crucial!

Cloud-based solutions offer end-to-end encryption of your data, making it inaccessible for unauthorized users or hackers. Moreover, it facilitates compliance with government regulations and provides disaster-management back-ups. More than 94% of businesses claimed to have improved security systems after shifting to cloud-based solutions.

Get Smart: Float Your Business on Secured Cloud-Based Servers!

Prominent digital acceptance and the post-COVID era have compelled businesses to shift to flexible, lucrative, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions. The growth seems significant, and the benefits are unmatched.

Cloud solutions ensure multi-year growth for businesses, so is your business ready to hop on this profitable ride?

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