new-websiteSome small businesses are still reluctant to go online. And there a lot of business out there who set up a website and then forget about it. Years might pass before they even think about updating it, but even then it might fall to the last of their list when it comes to budget priorities. Our software development team in Port Orchard knows that your website is a vital part of your business and more than just a signpost on the information superhighway.

Why You Need a Website

Your business needs to make investing in your website a priority for a number of reasons:

  • It’s 24/7 advertising for your business. People can access your website around the clock, getting the information they need to visit you the next day or even make a purchase from your inventory in the middle of the night. Your website is always on and always promoting your business to potential customers.
  • It’s cost effective. In terms of marketing dollars, your website is some of the cheapest advertising you can get. In many cases, you can set up a website and have it hosted for just a few dollars a month and potential reach millions of people in your area.
  • It puts you in touch with the modern era. Two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones, and most of them are using their mobile devices as their primary way of accessing the internet and searching for local businesses. If they can’t find you online, they aren’t going to visit your business.

While having a basic one-page site that lists the pertinent information for your business might seem “good enough,” your website can be so much more than that. For retail businesses, it can be a 24-hour sales kiosk. For service-based industries, it can tell your customers more about your services and why they should use them.

Why You Need to Update Your Old Website

Having a website isn’t good enough; it needs to be updated, too. Here’s why:

  • Platforms change. If you set up your website before the boom of mobile devices, there is a good chance your business’s website looks terrible on a smartphone and may be next to impossible to use.
  • It could be a security risk. Depending on what you do with your website and how your customers use it, neglecting to update your website could leave it vulnerable to security risks in the future.
  • Refreshing your brand is a good idea. Just like technology changes, so do trends. Your logo and website might have been cutting edge years ago, but if they are looking outdated now it’s going to give a bad first impression about your business. Customers are far more reluctant to do business with a company they think are behind the times.

Whether your business has never had a website or is simply in need of a new one, our software development team in Port Orchard can help. We can build everything from a simple website to complex, secure e-commerce sites. Get in touch with us to discuss your website needs today!